Can't update Apple Watch to WatchOS 7.02

Hi everyone,
I can’t update my Apple Watch to watchOS 7.02.
It downloads the update, then when trying to update, I get this screen:
Skjermbilde 2020-10-17 kl. 10.47.38
It reads in English:
“watchOS update could not be verified because you are not connected to the internet”
I know for sure that I’m connected to the internet. This cannot be the reason.
Anyone any ideas?

Have you tried updating directly on the watch?

If it doesn’t work, I’ve had a similar issue a few versions back that was solved rebooting both iphone and apple watch. And once (a very long time ago, maybe watchOS 3) I had to unpair and set up the watch again.

Will try that! Didn’t even know that was possible.
Thanks for the quick answer!!!

is your watch connected to the charger and >50% charged?
I sometimes see this notice when I start the update on the phone, but have not put my watch on the charger yet

Yes it is. Trying to download the update since it’s out, haha. Hope i don’t have to wipe the watch. That happend once before actually. Not a nice user experience for sure:)

I did this update overnight last night. The watch had presented a message that 7.0.2 was available and asked if I wanted to install overnight. I agreed, entered the passcode at the prompt, then docked both devices in their chargers. By this morning, the deed was done.

Just mentioned this to note that the update does work.

Yes, great. I’m on it for several hours now, incredibly frustrating and tiring. Wiping the watch now. We will see what happens:)

I have a Series 3 and had to wipe the watch to install watchOS 7.0, since there was not enough free space.

7.0.1 and 7.0.2 are both small updates; they installed without any issues on my watch.

Same here, was annoying then but least understandable.

Ok, wiping it did it. Now I have to set up Apple Pay again.

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I can confirm your issue, it’s happened to me as well trying to get to WatchOS 7.0.2
Can’t get it installed