Can't update iPad to iPadOS 16.1

I’ve got an iPad 6th generation and would like to update it from 15.7.1 to 16.1 (it’s on the compatible list) but the Software Update pane of Settings keeps telling me “iPadOS is up to date.”

I’ve tried numerous remedies: restarted, forced restart, deleted files to make more free space on the SSD…

Anybody else experience this?

When I went to update my iPad, I saw the same message. But at the bottom of the screen there was a message/link to update to 16.1.


Scroll down, and look on the bottom of that screen.

Some kind soul at pointed me to the correct way to get rid of the profile from a developer beta I had installed and then uninstalled a couple of months ago. I thought I had got rid of the beta profile, but I hadn’t.
Once I did that, Software Update showed me the 16.1 link, and off I went!

Thanks for your suggestions!

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I got rid of the beta profile one day before the official release was due to drop. On the day of release I did a double-take when I saw this…