Can't update Microsoft 365 on M1 MacBook Air: solved

Every day, Microsoft AutoUpdate launches and asks me if I want to update the various Office apps that come with my MS 365 subscription. If I agree, it spends some time downloading and then presents me with this error message:

This has been going on for at least a couple of weeks. My other (Intel-based) Macs have all updated—only the M1 MBA is left behind. Googling hasn’t turned up an answer, and there aren’t many options to play with in the AutoUpdate preferences. Does anyone have a solution?

You could always try the App Store versions of (most of) the Microsoft apps.

I use the Mac App Store versions without any issues with my O365 subscription.

As a bonus, you’ll get rid of Microsoft Auto Update.

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I would try a fresh install.

My M1 MBA is not having this issue, so it’s not an M1 thing.

Unfortunately that’s my only advice as well. Mac App Store app updating has been far more reliable for me than Microsoft’s AutoUpdate was.

(Although neither is going to get a ton of accolades from me for reliability.)

One more vote to just use the AppStore versions.

The update process is flawless and all those Microsoft AutoUpdater tools, daemons and what not are a thing of the past and do not waste system resources any longer . :slight_smile:

To be fair, I have had more problems with the App Store not updating apps than Microsoft’s updater. I haven’t had any problems updating Office/Edge on my Macs. While we have a thread around here somewhere of how the App Store will sometimes refuse to update some apps. Although, that hasn’t happened to me lately.

I think @drdrang just has a corrupt install or something.

Thanks to everyone. I decided to reinstall from the App Store, despite my longstanding habit of avoiding it whenever possible.

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