Canvas - spiritual successor?

Hi MPUers!

I discovered the canvas podcast just a few months ago & was extremely saddened to see that it ended at the end of last year.

Does anyone know of a good alternate podcast primarily focused on iPad productivity and using as a daily driver? I have an iMac at hone to handle a lot of my automation, but have recently switched from an MBP to a 2018 12.9 iPad Pro. Love it when it’s discussed during MPU, just would love more of it! Thanks in advance as always!

Have you tried “A slab of glass”?

A Slab Of Glass is in the midst of a change of focus, by the way. It was originally supposed to be iPad-focused… then one of the two hosts pretty much stopped using his iPad. :man_shrugging: I had a hard time making it through the last podcast episode, which consisted of a lot of talk about why it took so long to put out the latest episode, discussed procrastination and health issues and meandered a lot more than I found palatable. (I’m giving it one last chance before I delete it.)

I’d suggest instead checking out Let’s Talk iOS from, and AppStories , and maybe Bring Your Own Device. For Mac/iOS/games I like the Ruminate podcast.

For a more general Apple podcast I recommend the 9-to-5Mac Happy Hour, which isn’t as popular as perhaps it should be.

Canvas was great, and I really appreciated the increasing skepticism Fraser Spiers had towards the iOS ecosystem with regard to schools and their limited budgets. (He almost convinced me to buy a Chromebook!)


That’s a pretty good description of why it’s been a while since I’ve listened to A Slab of Glass. I’m not looking for a podcast that’s mostly about the hosts lives and incidentally about the iPad. The same syndrome sometimes afflicts Supercomputer, though to a lesser degree.

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The Class Nerd

It’s a fairly iPad-focused podcast (but not exclusively), and it definitely takes a pretty strong education-based viewpoint of productivity, but I think they’ve covered similar topics as Federico and Fraser, just a couple years later. They just finished their 2nd set of episodes, and I’ve learned from what I’ve heard so far.


Agreed. A similar podcast is the very sporadic/random Nerds On Draft podcast featuring Gabe from MacDrifter. When they’re on their game they have good discussions about Mac/iOS apps and especially productivity software, but one usually has to first fast-forward past 25 minutes of recondite discussions about micro craft brews.

Very interesting - I think I used to listen to a music-technology/music-education-related podcast that one of the hosts, Robby Burns, used to host. Yes, the episode descriptions make it seem similar to Canvas; I’m downloading a couple right now, hope to check them out some time this week…

I’d recommend iPad Pros.

Its full of very deep dives into different professionals’ iPad workflows.


I’ve subbed and listened to three episodes of The Class Nerd today. Excellent!