Car mounts for iPhone XR

Just bought a new iPhone XR. I had previously used an iRing hook on the back to help hold the phone and mount it in my car. The iRing interferes with the wireless charging so I’m looking for some type of mount that is easy to use and can mount to a variety of surfaces. Most of the dash space I have available I’d textured vinyls. Suction cups generally don’t stick well to them. The weighted bags that Garmin sold won’t work on some of the roads I drive - very curvy. I like to have the phone close and visible since I usually use it for navigation, either via Apple maps or Waze.

What do people recommend? Reasonable cost is a criteria since I need them in 3 vehicles.

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I bought one of the suction mount ones, but it came with a sticker that I put on the dashboard to make it smooth. Works like a champ (and holds my xs max + case fine). You might be able to get multiple stickers to move it car to car if you want to save some $.

I use the iOttie One Touch Qi mount. The included plate holds great on my textured dash. Runs about $50, I picked it up on sale for $32 on Black Friday. The Wirecutter didn’t love this model but I haven’t had any of the problems they mentioned. Meanwhile, I had their pick (Scosche) and hated it.

For a cheaper version, the non-Qi version runs about $25 (though it occasionally goes on sale). The Non-Qi is Wirecutter’s current pick.

Have you considered something like a Kenu Airframe? I used to use a few years ago. They clip into a vent. They aren’t all that cheap but perhaps you can find something similar by another vendor.

I now use a vent clip but one that uses a magnet. The issue, as you mention, is that it restricts my use of wireless charging. So far, that’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make.

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The iOttie looks like a good option. I’m not a fan of vent mounts so the Kenu doesn’t look like an option. Also vents in one vehicle definitely won’t work due to placement.

Now to decide on the plain model or one with Qi charging. My Prius Prime has a Qi charging pad but it’s on the console. Too far down to see easily.

I’ve had the iOttie for about a year and have enjoyed it. Don’t really have any complaints

Bought the non Qi iOttie to give a try. If it works well I might get the Qi version for our road trip car. Only used it for a couple of days but it has stayed stuck to the dash without using the sticky pad. Didn’t want to use it until I decide where I want it mounted.

Thanks for the recommendation.

I’ve been using Kenu mounts for several years, first with a 5s and currently with a 6s. They mount by pressing into air vent. I’ve never had one fall out or damage a vent.

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I received a ProClip USA mount for my phone from my wife as a Christmas gift. They are pricey and you have to purchase the clip specific for your car and for your phone model. However, it holds my phone extremely well in my Honda Pilot.

Mark me down as a die-hard ProClip USA fan. They’re a little pricier but the good news is the custom car part and phone part are separate, meaning if you change phones or your car you still have 50% of what you need for an excellent mounting solution.

Just get the adjustable device holders and when you change phones and/or cases, you just adjust the holder. Then all you have to worry about is changing vehicles, which hopefully does not occur as much. Some like this: or this

Never been a fan of vent mounts. They can interfere with the airflow and in some cars are not in the best location.

So far the iOttie is working well. Very happy with it.

I’m looking for a vent mount or maybe suction cup but I want it to have a magnet on it, I have an iPhone 6s Plus in an OtterBox defender case. Can anyone recommend a magnet holder?

I have used iOttie magnetic mounts several times - in my case, CD slot mounts, but they also sell vent and console mounts. I think iTap 2 is the current line.