Carbon Copy Cloner cannot wake Mac mini under Mojave

Wondering if anyone has run into this. I use CCC for my daily clones. I run a Mac mini as my home server, which I just upgraded to Mojave this past weekend.

Both of my laptops clone to the mini, and they do so using a CCC target of “remote Mac”. Previously, cloning was working fine, but since upgrading to Mojave, the clones are failing by telling me that the remote location is not available.

I have noted that a) the clones the mini does of its own drives work fine, so the local CCC instance can wake the mini as needed; b) my Arq backups on the mini work fine, so again a wake up set by Arq works fine, and c) if I wake the mini via some other approach first, the clones from the laptops work.

The net result is that the mini seems to not reliably wake on LAN access from CCC now that I have upgraded to Mojave.

Has anyone noticed anything similar and / or have solutions?


You should really get in touch with Mike Bombich at CCC. He replies to help tickets with very thorough and useful advice. It’s always a good idea to first give the developer of an app a chance.