Cardhop print issue

Whenever I try to print from Cardhop the dialog comes up hidden behind other window(s) which can’t be closed or moved.

I don’t understand what you are asking for at all. What dialog? Providing much more context such as screenshots (and also saying « Hi ») would go a long way towards helping us figure out how to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry. I mistakenly thought I was known since I know most of you. Let me know if this screenshot helps.

No worries :slightly_smiling_face: erm, sorry but no, you need to show and tell much, much more (or maybe contact Flexibits’ support directly)
What are you doing? How? What are you trying to print? What dialog is appearing? When?
This is, from what I can tell, a standard Cardhop screenshot, personally it doesn’t tell me anything :sweat_smile:

Anytime I’m trying to print contact info for an individual or a group. I get a standard print dialog asking how many copies, etc. The problem is that this dialog box is mostly obscured by other Cardhop windows which are unresponsive requiring me to force quit the app. I’ve contacted Flexibits twice with a lot of back and forth but no solution.

I’m unable to reproduce that issue, but I’m also unable to get a print dialog when Cardhop runs as a menu bar app. When I ask Cardhop to show in the Dock (from the corresponding option in Preferences) and then print from the regular app menu, it works fine. Maybe that could be a workaround?

I normally run it from the dock. A workaround that I’ve found involves moving any windows as far off the screen as they’ll go, then invoking the print dialog. By doing so I’m able to see all of the print options except the very bottom which I know is the proceed to print button. Then I can print by just hitting return. Thanks for trying to help.

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