Carrot Watch Complication showing Celsius, not Fahrenheit

This is strange, the temperature scale on the Carrot watch complication is showing 32 Celsius rather than Fahrenheit even though all instances of Carrot weather are correct on all of my devices. The settings are also correct. I rebooted my phone and the watch but the problem persists.

Has anyone else experienced this?

In this case it’s showing Fahrenheit; 90 degrees celsius and your blood would probably be boiling when you go outside. Is the Degree symbol (°) throwing you off?

Ah now I see, the temp is correct, but the 32 on the scale isn’t, sorry, did not see that

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I’ll give that shot.

I uninstalled the Carrot application from the watch and reinstalled. Unfortunately, that did not resolve the issue. The only thing that changed was the updated temperature—a little hotter. :slight_smile:

I’ll try uninstalling from both the phone and watch and then reinstalling both.


Update: That is not fix the problem. I’ve emailed the developer.

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As an Australian - I’d say it sounds like it now working fine :wink:

The app realized that just Liberia and another country use Fahrenheit and decided it’s not worth it.


That made me laugh and brought fond memories of my two trips to Australia. :slight_smile:

for those with Carrot weather and the watch app set to Celsius, does that give a Fahrenheit score at that same spot? If so, it might just be a feature?

Looking at the name of the complication when selecting it, it appears that it is a feature…



I think there is something wrong with my Carrot watch complication. When I go into the Apple Watch app and select Carrot for complications, only one shows up. The one shown above is not appearing in the Apple Watch app. I have deleted and reinstalled Carrot weather on my iPhone and Watch, rebooted, etc., but nothing changes. I’ve emailed the developer.