Carrot Weather 5.0 is out

You guys who don’t mind a subscription should really check out the new version (assuming it’s data sources are good in your area). It’s the most customizable weather app ever made. You can swamp in out various cards so it shows what you want, where you want it. Also, the developer said tonight that customizable icon sets, colors, and artwork are all coming as well.

The problem is, there is so much to choose from, I am kind of paralyzed with indecision. I keep switching things around and can’t decide what I like best.

After a couple of days of using it, I am still not used to the colors/graphics, but have been very impressed with the app itself. The graphics are starting to grow on me, but I look forward to be able to change them.


Despite my protestations above, I decided to check it out anyway (a weakness I need to work on). It is indeed impressive and, I found, the data from Dark Sky does seem to be pretty close to our local weather service.

After a bit of a play I subscribed for a year. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Does Carrot Weather or any other weather app include a CarPlay widget?

Carrot doesn’t and I doubt any other would.

There are only 6 types of app allowed to have the entitlement, see Requesting the CarPlay Entitlements | Apple Developer Documentation

This Seattle heat wave is helping me rack up some great new high scores. Today I got a 96. Tomorrow I am hoping for a score in the hundreds.

I really enjoy the high score list for some reason.

Note: By hoping, I mean dreading.

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103 here outside of Portland. The electric company is giving a rebate of $1/kWh 5-8PM for each saved over similar weather days in the past. Not sure exactly what they are comparing to. Might hit 115 tomorrow and Monday.

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