Catalina Desktop Grey & Can’t Change …?

Doing TeamViewer to my dad’s 2012 Mini. After the Catalina install, his desktop background is a medium-grey color (as opposed to what it was).

Can’t change it in the System Preferences. Can’t set it to any of Apple’s default images, can’t set it to a color, nothing.

When we attempt to set the desktop background to a solid color the color of the menu bar changes accordingly - but not the desktop background itself.

I saw a response to something similar on the Internet that was talking about disabling SIP, booting into safe mode, and doing weird command line things - but that’s not something I’m going to talk my dad through over the phone.

And it doesn’t feel like one should have to mess with SIP to fix a desktop background. :smiley:

Anybody have any knowledge in this arena?

When faced with strange Mac behavior I frequently try this:

Does it work in another user on the computer?

The PRAM reset seems to have sorted it out. Just found out earlier today. :smiley: