Catalina Disk Utility unable to create image from drive ...?

I have an APFS partition with two volumes, Disk1 and Disk2. Disk1 is a Mojave volume, Disk2 is Catalina (and yes, technically there’s a Disk2 and a Disk2 - Data).

So in Disk Utility, I’m trying to create an image from Disk1. When I highlight Disk1 and go to the File -> New Image menu in Disk Utility, the option to make an image from it is greyed out.

Is this expected behavior? Does it have to do with the fact that it’s on the current boot partition, even though it’s a separate APFS volume?

You can’t write an image to a non-HFS+/Mac OS Extended volume. Thought it would change in Catalina, I guess not.

Do you mean you can’t write an image from a non-HFS+/Mac OS Extended volume?

I’m trying to write the data from an APFS volume, as an image, to a Mac OS Extended drive.

What you are doing should work.

The way it was described, I thought
you were trying to write Disk 1 (Mojave)
to Disk 2 (Catalina)