Catalina Problem Trying to Login

I am running Catalina on an external drive for test purposes. An issue I have is trying to login with my iCloud AppleID, and login on App Store or Music with my secondary AppleID. It is not incorrect passwords being used, 100%.

My iCloud AppleID uses 2FA and my secondary AppleID is using 2-step verification.

After logging in for iCloud, I get the security request on my iPhone, but the window where I would enter the code is empty and times out with an “unknown error has occurred”. Logging in with the secondary AppleID brings up the window where I would choose a phone number for the code to be sent to, but empty as well until timeout. See attachment.

A 3rd AppleID, used for test purposes, logs in just fine. There is no 2 step setup on that account.

Has anyone run into this or have knowledge that this is “another” Catalina bug??

I’ve seen this happen in some betas, and in the first release version. It disappeared for me after last week’s update

OK, thanks. I did update with the 1st Supplemental Update that came out. I don’t think there has been another update show as available.

I may try to reinstall with the latest full installer or wait for 10.15.1 to come out

I downloaded the newest full installer and wiped my external Catalina SSD. After the new install, the sign-in process is fixed. It is decidedly weird that I was never offered the 2nd or 3rd Supplemental Updates. Something must have changed in #2 or #3 which appears to have fixed the login issue.

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