Cell service in the watch worth it?

Thinking about the new watch series 4. What do you think about the cell capability on the watch?

I ride my bike in town locally and being able to go out without my iphone is amazing. Phone calls and texts right from my wrist.


Only for my mother in law with Alzheimers…

i walk a lot for exercise and use the cellular watch service frequently. There’s a glitch in Watch 3 with the transition zone between Bluetooth connectivity to the phone and the Watch switching to cellular where quality breaks down. Remember to put the Watch in theatre or airplane mode when you don’t want the Watch ringing in the middle of a movie :smile:

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I had cellular for about 5 months and cancelled it. If your going to exercise or be away from your phone a lot it’s probably worth it. It you aren’t sure but can afford the upgrade Id say get it and try it. You can always turn off the service.


Thanks everyone. It looks like there are specific situations where the cell service works well.

Apparently, I’m living in a country with useless telcos, so cellular still isn’t available. Which hasn’t been THAT bad so far, but with this awesome upgrade it’s painful. :laughing:

Which is a long way of saying: As soon as I can I’ll be ordering a cellular model. :blush: