Certain apps will not install on Apple Watch

I have a strange situation where some apps will not install on my watch. The apps are listed in the watch app with INSTALL buttons. Some apps install as expected upon tapping INSTALL. However for certain apps, upon tapping INSTALL the spinner appears for a fraction of a second then INSTALL reappears. This is the sign that they won’t install. Upon tapping INSTALL again, it spins indefinitely. Exit to the home screen and reenter the watch app, spinner gone, INSTALL is back. Have restarted both watch and phone, deleted and reinstalled the offending apps from the phone, and unpaired and repaired the watch, no improvement.

This all started when I noticed that some apps were not functioning properly on the watch (the main one was Due, which is one of the only apps I actually want on the watch, and of course is one which will not install). I previously didn’t care and had loads of apps on my watch but the apps on watch did not match the list on the app. I had to manually remove all the apps from on the watch itself from the honeycomb screen. Have not been able to get Due back on to the watch since.

This article covers the symptom but its suggestions have not yielded any solution.

Any thoughts?

I had the same problem on my Series 2 this week. First the v6.2.1 update would not install. Turns out I had to turn WiFi OFF to complete the update. The next day I noticed the problem with my apps.

Tried everything I could find online. No joy. Finally I wiped the watch, set it up manually with install all apps selected and it worked. Later, I uninstalled the apps I did not need.

Thanks. May try that this weekend when i get a spare moment. Have worn an Apple Watch since the first one came out and have always migrated. Wondering what settings I need to remember to replicate…