Chamberlain (MyQ) API

I am so upset by Chamberlain who abruptly shut down their public API last week.

I have two Liftmaster garage door openers. I have them integrated into HomeKit via Homebridge. I have an Aqara button next to my front door - 1 press opens one garage door, 2 press opens the other, long press closes both. I also have "Hey Siri open Prius (or Subaru). Been working great for a long time.

All of a sudden it stopped working a couple of weeks ago because Chamberlain decided to close down their public API. Why? Because they want you to use their app – because you have to see an ad before you open or close your garage.

This has me really peeved.


I’m really getting sick of ads everywhere, and I mean everywhere! For example, I get extremely frustrated when reading a news story when ads are sprinkled throughout the article. It is a journalistic abomination.


I agree. But I am a little more tolerant when reading a newspaper or magazine that I am not otherwise paying for.

But I paid for my two $400 garage door openers. Enough!

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They’re a very customer hostile company in this way. A few years ago they broke their API so that it could no longer be used with Shortcuts on my phone and now they’ve killed the public API completely.


So do I, but those inconsiderate reporters still insist on getting paid. I don’t have a solution for bad advertisements.

I’d be willing to pay for Apple News+ if it were ad free, but they don’t get to double dip. How about “Apple News minus”? . Dump the magazines, which I never read, and sell me ad free news?


Ugh! That’s a bummer. Especially forcing ads on a paid product.

In case this helps, I use a Refoss “Smart Garage Door Opener Remote” that allows me to control my Chamberlain via HomeBridge.

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I agree completely, however, the ads I’m referring to are those embedded in Apple News articles, and I am in Apple One subscriber. I shouldn’t also have to see ads when I’m paying for my news. That is what frustrates me more than anything. As someone said, double dipping.

Thank you. I knew there were some devices out there that simply replaced the “button” in the garage but I hadn’t started looking at them yet. I hate paying another bundle of dollars for the door but this solution can’t be stomped on by Chamberlain so maybe it is worth it.


It’s only a matter of time until a competitor comes out that supports HomeKit. It sucks right now, but I expect companies to jump in and take that low-hanging fruit now


Actually, I use the Meross opener for my garage and driveway gate. Easy install and have had zero issues with it.


This might be of help to you. The second solution in the video uses a Meross device which looks like it should work in HomeKit.


Yes, Meross works with Homekit. I’ve had it working for the past 6 months. It’s been flawless. Integrated into Homekit, apps for ipad, iphone, and Apple watch. All the bases are covered.

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I had it working with HomeBridge until this. So frustrating. But I ordered the Meross thing and installed it last weekend. Works great so far. I got the single, but they also have one that supports multiple doors.

Cool! Can you post a link to exact ly which meross device? I see a couple if them. Thanks.

This is the one I got.

The other options include the one that supports multiple doors. Just make sure you get one of the versions with “HK” in the name for HomeKit.


FYI, Refoss and Meross products are identical in my experience. So I buy them on price.

Thank you! Thank you. Thank you.

This looks like a very nice solution.

Question. Does this disable the button that is currently on the wall in garage to open and close the door – or does that keep working.

You can still use the wall button. I twisted the wires together and inserted them back into the contacts on the opener.


How about using a Switchbot to punch the garage door opener button?

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