Change Apple ID

Question, I want to change my Apple ID from a gmail account to my .me account that I use for everything now, how to do I do this without losing everything, including purchases from the iTunes store, etc. Is it possible? How was your experience in doing this? Any fallout after the fact? Thanks!

This may be helpful:

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If you have a .me address, than that address is an Apple ID by itself. You can not change your Gmail address to an existing .me address, your are than merging your accounts.

What I did is use Family sharing. I added my old Apple ID to my family account with my new Apple ID as the Family Organizer. In that way, you have still access to all your purchased contents from your old account, using your new account.

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Yeah, this is an issue that has vexed me over the years. I have an old iTunes account that for years didn’t have an email address at all, and then also one that came from .Mac, which I used for email/contacts/calendars/etc. – but for many years I didn’t even realize that that meant I had two Apple IDs.

From what I’ve been able to figure out, you can’t merge them. On my end, the purchases, if any, were negligible on the .Mac one, so I just continued using that for iCloud and the other one (now tied to my Gmail account) for the store account. But if you have purchases on both, you you can keep them all if you do as @Barremans said and use family sharing.

The good news is, though, Apple’s made it a lot easier/cleaner to use two IDs in this way, and now I hardly even think about it anymore. (Though I’d still love the ability to merge them and just have one!)

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Not so sure about that. Maybe you meant

(.me is a ‘regular’ TLD)

You’re absolutely right, I interpreted it as an account instead of a .me TLD account.

The setup however with Famliy sharing, helped me on using 1 Apple ID for all my syncing and new purchases. While still be able to access my purchases from my old Apple ID.

When or if Apple makes it possible to merge to accounts, that’s the easiest solution.