Change of Twitter Icon - It is X now

Spelt “ex”

20 characters

Not “Ten”?


Twitter EX

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I wonder which end of the alphabet Elon started with before settling on X …

I like to think he started at A then considered each subsequent letter, with care, one by one, until - sweat on his brow - he hit X, looked at it like he was seeing it for the first time, then decided it was the chosen one.

Or did he start with Z?


Then Y.


Then X.

‘I’m bored. That will do.’

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This reminds me of all of those violent Saturday morning cartoons that I grew up watching, where character deaths were signified with an ‘X’ across each eye. I was going to combine those 'X’s with the old logo to produce a more accurate new logo, but a quick search showed me that many, many others have already had this idea. Late again…

Will this change how people talk about the platform? Or will they still tweet about sub-tweeting in Twitter flame-wars, but on X.

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Won’t be long before it is an x social media platform,

Contrary opinion here.

I hope X is successful, as his other ventures did.


I hope that has something to say about Musk musckling in on their trademark. Reuters news agency is reporting this
Meta, Microsoft, hundreds more own trademarks to new Twitter name | Reuters
so the rebrand might be stopped.

Not sure X Æ A-12 was a great success.

There were glitches along the way.
There will be others.

And there’s Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink.

We’ll see.

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There are thousands of x-staff too

He tried this years ago and it failed spectacularly. Buddies felt bad for him, let it merge into what the became PayPal. At the time PayPal changed branding to X and that also failed because people thought it was porn and they reverted back to PayPal.

The more thing change the more the same.

Wondering whether this Reuters news report evinces a successful venture for Musk.

Make of it what you will but to me it does not look like the behaviour of a successful company.

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New all-time high of monthly active users:

“Elon Musk has wanted to build into a super app for a very long time. As described by Walter Isaacson, who is writing a Musk biography, when Musk launched the online bank in 1999, his original concept was to turn the website into a “one-stop everything-store for all financial needs.”

“Musk’s gamble is that users will want a super app to handle everything to do on the internet.”

In the US we may already have the beginning of a “transformative opportunity in payments” and the possibility of a digital currency. Elon’s dream might have been easier before he gutted the platform.


Welcome back.

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