Changes in Big Sur 11.1

Hi everyone,
Starting this topic to show changes in Big Sur 11.1

Two things I found:

  1. Messages: You can finally chose a highlighted suggested contact by pressing enter in address field. Thank god for that one, it was driving me nuts!
    Skjermbilde 2020-11-20 kl. 16.20.52

  2. They changed the icon for the post-it notes app (don’t remember the name in English!) No more eggs:)
    Skjermbilde 2020-11-20 kl. 16.22.22

Has anyone found some other cool changes?

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Was it called Stickies?

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I suppose that non-verbal scribble is the international Stickies icon. :slight_smile:

Here’s what English is currently looking like:

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How weird, it used to look the same until now. Are you on the 11.1 beta?

No, 11.0.1 release. I agree, it’s quite weird. If a symbol is good enough for the majority of the world, it should be good enough for the entire world.

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Then it might the international and yours will look like that in 11.1, too.

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