Changing iOS app icons

Has anyone else used an app that allows you to change the default icon from within the app? I noticed while I was scrolling through the Deliveries app settings that I could change the look of the icon.

Does this open the door to 3rd party apps being able to change as need like the default Apple Calendar and Clock apps change?

I believe that apps have had the ability to offer different icons for while now (e.g., drafts, carrot weather). Most involve a pay tier to do this. However, what I think we want is a way for us to replace app icons at the system level. Right now, that is only an option using Shortcuts.

This has been an option for 3 or 4 years I believe. It does not allow for live updating like the Apple Calendar or Clock apps.

The closest we’ve gotten to the calendar/watch app functionality for third parties are the new iOS 14 widgets.

Which is an awful experience. Why would I ever want to do this via flicking past the Shortcuts app?!

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Programmers have been able to do that for their own Apps since iOS 10.3:

However, consumers are currently (ab)using Shortcuts to theme “all” icons on the iPhone.

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