Charging for USB-C / Lightning / Micro USB?

So I just got an iPad Pro, and now I need to figure out charging. I was planning on buying a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging “on the go”, since all my wall chargers are USB-A, but I’m seeing some of these cables that claim to do Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning.

It would be really nice to only have one cable to have to carry for all my devices (or two of the three-way cable, so I had a backup).

Anybody have any experience with those? And if you don’t recommend them, how do you handle your device charging situation when you have a Lightning iPhone, a USB-C iPad Pro, and multiple Micro USB devices?

I have an Anker cable which is USB A to Micro USB, which has Lightning and USB C adapters, it’s the Anker 3 in 1. It seems to work fine so far but I only got it today.

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Yep I have a couple of braided ones from Amazon, same setup as Rosemary, work perfectly although can’t comment on quick charge with them. Would suspect it’s not supported.

It’s not just about the cable though. You will want to check the power rating on your existing adapters. Especially if you have the large Pro. Adapters that are less than 12W are going to be very slow at charging which might not suit your needs.

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I have the previous-generation Anker power bank, so it can crank out some good power. I’m mostly worried about “my device is dying, I need to get it power, and I’m not at home” sorts of situations. I almost always leave home with my devices fully charged. :slight_smile:

Yes, definitely something to bear in mind. Slow charging is better than no charging though. I mostly got the USB C part as an overnight charging solution or one to charge my boyfriend’s phone should he need it.

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