Check for M1 software compatibility

I’m currently on a 2014 Mac Mini and about to (finally) hit the button on an M1 Mac Mini.

Much like there is software which would check that the apps you use were 32 bit before the 64 bit changeover. is there anything which will look at all of your installed apps and check whether they are M1 native.

Yes I know that Rosetta 2 will run Intel apps, but as par as possible, I want to install from scratch and go M1 as much as possible from Day 1.

Not aware of something like that. But the first time you start to use an X86 app it will prompt you to install Rosetta, may be you can use that as a check?

In my opinion, Rosetta doesn’t add any overhead or a known source of security leaks, you will need it eventually. I used to had the same urge, to install Apple Silicon apps only, but alas, that’s almost impossible for me.

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Good starting point


In system information under applications you can check current versions. On your current mini they will all be Intel or Universal.

Once you have an M1 Mac most available M1 apps will install the right version automatically. Some will provide a choice as to which version you want to download.

You can check which version you have in the same place in System information (Ctrl press first option under Apple Logo and click applications)

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It does little good to check now while still on an Intel system as there will be a period after you get the new M1 system that you will be switching over to the Apple Silicon and Universal versions in a variety of ways.

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Take a look at Silicon.

It is from the iMazing folks.

Have fun, and good luck with the transition.


Thanks Mina, but the whole idea is not to install any Universal Binary if I don’t need to. only to install M1 version. I just want to check that all of my key apps are M1 native ready.

I need this machine to be as Cruft free as possible.

Many apps do not offer M1 only builds, and I can’t really think of any real impact a Universal Binary would have, as it runs just like an M1-native app.

Go64 from St Claire Software:

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