Child Account Problems

I am trying to log in to my daughters Apple ID to set up Apple Music on her new HomePod mini but can’t remember the password or security questions. It’s been years since we’ve used it. Now I basically have a dead account on my family sharing plan with 5 members in my family. I’m pretty sure I’m SOL until I remember those password or security questions. She has 7 years until she’s 13 so I can’t remove it. Why does apple put that restriction on child accounts?

Any ideas? Apple support was unable to do anything. They said I would need her to be logged in to any her previous Apple device with proof of purchase of that device before they could do an activation unlock, or something like that.

Probably due to child protection laws or something like that.

You might be able to go to an Apple store with your daughter. You should bring ID’s for both of you. If you don’t succeed the first time, try another day with another associate.

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I can delete their Amazon FreeTime accounts with no problem.

I’m not sure what would be protected by their accounts being deleted. They are children so they can’t legally own anything, or apps, notes, emails, ext, and everything is under my debit card. And what would change at 13?

Maybe to discourage parents from deleting a child account and setting up an “adult” account for them before they turn 13?

Yes, exactly. That is what I meant.