Choosing the right SSD enclosure for my needs

My iMac (2014 Retina 5K) and a MacBook (Pro 2020) currently use external hard drives for storage. Devonthink database access speed is pita on HDDs.

I heard good reviews about the new SSDs and got the Samsung 970 plus 2TB so that I can get faster speeds.

Based on my research for an enclosure, I see three options:

Thunderbolt 4 compatible

USB 3.2

USB 3.1

I don’t think the first one is the best value for money at $140 as my Macs are older. The USB variants both mention 10gbps speed, and are priced at $70 and $15.

Any advice on which one I should get? I don’t plan to upgrade my Macs for another year.

The SSD will probably last longer, than a year!
I would go with the Thunderbolt, and use the SSD also on a possible future Mac.

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Forgive my ignorance, but why does the Acasis come with a Thunderbolt 3 cable when they’re making such a big deal about Thunderbolt 4 ?

T4 Cable are ridiculously expensive… :thinking:

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That was one reason for my thinking to go cheap now and upgrade next year :man_shrugging:

I am not really versed on the fine details of USB standards, but the $70 enclosure name states “ACASIS - Carcasa SSD USB C 3.2” but in the product details: “Interfaz de hardware USB 3.1 tipo C”.

I guess there is some automated Spanish translation going on but I’d be wary of buying this.

Edit: I think the cheaper USB 3.1 enclosure + Samsung SSD will deliver a noticiable performance improvement compared to the original iMac spinning disk, but wait of other opinions :wink:

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In that case, you would probably have to buy two enclosures, if you go with the cheaper version now, and been not satisfied with it anymore, if you continue to use it later on the much faster new Mac.

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I guess you saw this on the Acasis site?

If you’re looking for something to tide you over, this Sabrent might work for you. I have several of their products and they work well.

No I hadn’t. Even though they don’t impact my exact models, I wouldn’t want to risk compatibility concerns. I will look at Sabrent, thanks!

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I bought an enclosure from ORICO a couple of weeks ago, and be very happy with it so far.
I couldn’t found the one I have on the US-AMZ, so I don’t share a link here, but while I was searching for the right one for me, I learned that there are sometimes big differences between the enclosures regarding the effectiveness of the cooling.
If you have an enclosure, you want to buy, I would recommend to try to find some tests or at least blog posts about it, to see, if the (passive) cooling is working on that one.
And be careful, if there is a kind of a patch in the box, high chances that this might be a kind of a cooling gel/transfer gel that belongs between SSD and enclosure, to distribute the heat to the outside.

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This guy makes the same point and the need to have good cooling without which the speeds can get throttled. His recommendation is also an ORICO case. I see that some cases also come with a foam like piece to transfer the heat.

DIY seems to be the way to go. And strong performance for thunderbolt, as you’ve mentioned in an earlier post!

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