Chrome browser problems with macOS

I just wondered if anyone else has noticed a problem with the Chrome browser on Mac? On my M1 Mini I have trouble logging in to various websites and online videos won’t play, etc. Everything seems to be working with Safari on Mac and with Chrome on my Windows computer (same extensions as on Mac.) I rebooted the Mini, reinstalled Chrome, and disabled the extensions but none of that helped. I don’t know if there is a recent problem with Chrome on Mac in general or if it is just me.

Also, I updated Chrome.

Yes - I have encountered a few websites using legacy/dated Javascript technology which used to work fine on any browser but recently have started working poorly on Chrome.

So far I’ve had no problems with Google Chrome which I only use with my Google Workspace account. Or with Microsoft Edge which I have been using due to problems with Safari.

Arc is my daily driver now but I still use Chrome occasionally and has not noticed any issue. Have you tried to clear all cache, history, etc. If all fails, remove / change to new profile and/or test it in incognito mode. Last resort is to uninstall, roboot and reinstall chrome

I tried many of the fixes noted above. Chrome now is working normally on my Mac. I believe that it was clearing the cache, history, etc. that did it. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

I’m naive, but if the cache is such a problem, I wonder why it doesn’t clear itself?

Thanks for all of the replies/help.