Chrome Browser Question

Due to the need to conduct virtually all business online (pun intended), I’m finding that I need to use the Chrome browser as my default for the time being. Is there a way to shrink the width of the “banner” area? I’d like as much screen real estate as possible. Thanks.

I don’t know about making it smaller, but if you could do without those search/user/etc links in the header you could hide it from view using an extension. I use the free Stylebot extension in Brave to change fonts/sizes/background colors, but you can also use it to remove elements. Before and after:

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.

Just select/highlight then make the change. You can reset a page/site at the bottom of the Stylebot menu. It’s a little radical to hide a menubar-header though… I mainly use the extension for my most visited sites to change and enlarge fonts, make the fonts black, and change the backgrounds to off-white.

That extension used to be related to a website ( where people could share and download customizations for sites. (Lots of people with crazy CSS skills who did amazing things to Gmail, for example) but the site went down a while ago.

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