Chrome vs Brave for Canvas and Google Workspaces for Education

I’m wondering if there is any downside to using Brave vs Chrome for accessing Canvas (for the graduate course I teach) and Google services via Google Workspaces for Education. I only use a non-Safari browser for the aforementioned. I use Safari for everything else.

Is there any reason to use Chrome instead of Brave for Canvas and Google Workspaces for Education? If there isn’t, I’ll delete Chrome and use Brave exclusively for those services.

With regards to Brave are issues with third-party cookies for tools integrated into Canvas with LTI – for example Kaltura Mediaspace or any integrations your local institution has developed. You can resolve this by allowing third-party cookies in Brave.

Additionally, there are a couple of online proctoring tools – Honorlock and Proctorio – that require the use of Google Chrome extensions to set up exams. While it’s possible to use these extensions in Brave, they are not officially supported by either vendor while using Brave.

I use Google Workspace on Google Chrome. And in the past Safari for everything else. Currently I’ve replaced Safari with Microsoft Edge because Safari has had performance problems for the past several weeks.

The way I see it, if you are logged into Google services then your ip address is known to Google. And since as many as 74% of websites uses Google Analytics it doesn’t matter what browser you use. So pick the one that works best for you.