Cinema Display on the blink with Mojave

Since upgrading to Mojave my second display (Apple Cinema Display) attached to my 27" Retina iMac is no longer working properly. There was a known problem with the buttons on the side of the display that could be circumvented by turning their functionality off. However, System Preferences no longer has that option for this display. So, it’s gone back to, literally, being on the blink. I am wondering if there is any way that I can toggle this feature with Terminal or if anyone knows about some other workaround to this problem so I don’t have to go and purchase a new display (as that’s not something I can readily afford). Alternately, if someone just would like to purchase a newer display for me, as a humble (sic) friar, I’d not look a gift-horse in the mouth. Ha!

Seriously, any help here would be appreciated.

To update anyone following or interested in this issue. I was able to solve the problem myself by simply plugging the display into a power strip instead of directly into the wall. The problem seems to have something to do with the way it draws power. I did a few things to troubleshoot the problem but the most helpful was, plugging in the USB cable to my iMac in addition to the DVI cable. The display hated that and went completely blank and the LED indicator started blinking with a Short-Short-Long pattern. This is supposed to mean that there is a problem with the backlight. However, I wasn’t experiencing the symptoms of a backlight problem. So, I recalled that some people had had problems with the power supply/converter and so I figured the power “gap” provided by a power strip might help regulate things a bit better. I tried it; it immediately started working again.

Case closed … For now.