Citrixing from a Mac to a PC - Zoom tips

Hi all,

If you have a PC at work, but personally use a Mac, or are considering using some form or remote PC for office, etc. I have two notes I’ve recently learned about Zoom:

There is a specific “VDI” plugin that lets the virtual machine offload most of the zoom video work to your Mac locally, rather than routing the traffic through the PC. It’s a lot better performance.

That VDI plug-in doesn’t support virtual cameras, i.e. using el gatos software to make your phone a webcam. I got it to work for zooms I join from my Mac, but not from the virtual machine. I’ve also seen gallery view freeze sometimes, but that may be a configuration issue - although I don’t see it if I connect to the virtual machine from an iPad.

Regardless, I wanted to share my experience as it looks like many of us will be working remotely through the new year.


Thanks for your tips. Are you talking about running the zoom application on the remote PC or locally on your Mac?

On the remote PC. The helper app / plug in puts part of it on your Mac. I don’t know that I’d do it outside a corporate or similar environment, but its neat if you have a more locked down work environment.

The newest version of Camo supports the virtual machine, and every other app I’ve thrown at it.