Clear to upgrade to IOS/iPadOS 13 now?

Now that IOS/iPadOS 13.3 is available (Dec 10), is it “safe” to upgrade from IOS 12 to IOS 13 now on our iPhones and iPads?

We don’t like drama, so my wife and I have delayed upgrading to let the dust settle and allow bugs to be quashed. Any significant issues remaining with Mail, Notes, Safari, Calendar, Photos, etc? Any sync issues still present? CarPlay issues fixed yet?

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I don’t use CarPlay, but everything else seems to be working OK.

CarPlay has been fine for me since the iOS 13 beta.

I think this doesn’t answer the broader question of 13.3 stability.

Is this finally the iOS13 we can both use and recommend?

I’ve been using it since beta and I now use and recommend it. I’ve never not recommended it. Unless you know of a specific app that you rely on which does not yet work in iOS 13, I can think of no reason not to update.

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