Client Proposals

Hey all,

I’m using proposify to write and issue my client proposals at the moment, it looks nice, has e-sig capabilities and a lot of other things… but, I find it a bit clunky to use and it just doesn’t fit my workflow.

Curious what everyone else is using?

I’m in sales and marketing, specialising in utilising tech, so being one of the first touch points, I always aim to blow their mind just a little bit with my proposals, hence why to me a PDF with text and images just wont cut it.

I often run ROI projections and other calculations in a separate google sheet which I link in the proposal, embedding something like this would be amazing.

Thanks in advance

What format are your customers expecting to receive proposals? If not PDF, then what else – .pptx? Images? Web page?

Anyway, if you’re looking to create a document or image format for the proposals consider Affinity Publisher. It’s pretty easy to get up and running with it, but also has a lot of depth for more sophisticated work.

I use Freshbooks. Previously I only used them for invoicing but over the years their proposals have gotten good enough that I can use them too. You do have to rig it (e.g. “templates” that function as a content library, etc.) but, depending on the complexity of your needs it can possibly be good enough.

I sometimes use DocSpo, it’s a similar type of service but I’ve found it easier to use. I’ve had several customers comment on how they like them.

Amazing, thanks everyone for all your suggestions. I’m actually considering going down the path of using Coda. If you don’t know it it’s like a notion alternative. It gives me the flexibility to create and share documents, plus embed documents and other databases. My only concern is it’s not the most beautiful looking option, but I think with some playing around plus a Canva I can make it look impressive enough.

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