Clock Widget not Accurate?

Clock widget on iOS 14 isn’t accurate. Compare the time in the upper left (which is correct) with the clock widget. It’s off by 20 minutes. Is this a bug or is it not meant to update in real time?

Mine is correct. I will track today and let you know of any discrepancies. Did you try resetting the phone?

I rebooted the phone and now it is accurate again. I’ll keep an eye on on it and report back.

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I just checked and it is now over an hour behind. Looks like it only updates when the Home Screen is showing.

This has been a constant issue on the betas. At this point I have to think it’s just not a high priority for them. :man_shrugging:t2: :confused:

Time is now working for me but there’s this uncertainty about what the day really is in Australia (reported):