Coda users: Pencil support?

Hi fellow Coda users: Does the app support the Pencil? I spent the weekend doing come “couch coding” and while that was pretty great, text selection was painful as best. If the Pencil makes that much better, I’ll get it, but I don’t want to spend $170 if it doesn’t help.

(I can’t find any info on Panic’s site, or by consulting the Google oracle… And now “Google Oracle” is a phrase that just made me shudder)


Pencil works about the same as with any text app with Coda. I don’t actually use Coda anymore but fired it up to try. Actually, one note, it actually functions a bit differently than the Pencil with Textastic. With Textastic I can use the pencil to tap into the individual letters of a word. With Coda it wil only select words or more.

Was there some other functionality you were looking for?

Are you using an external keyboard? Personally I can’t imagine coding without one and with keyboard navigation moving around can be quite quick. When coding in Textastic I’ve never used the Pencil. All fingers, sometimes on the glass but often just via the keyboard.

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Thanks for your reply!

I’m not looking for anything special; the only reason that I asked at all is that I was listening to a podcast (don’t recall which) in which the host was lamenting that they could not select text (or get a context menu for selected text, or something similar) in the Notes app with the Pencil. That had me questioning as to whether Pencil text functions are universal in iOS or app specific, and if the latter, if Coda can make use of it.

I have the 11 iPad Pro with the Smart Folio Keyboard. There is no way in… anyplace sufficiently hot and unpleasant to be used as metaphor for places that “there is no way in”… that I could do any kind of meaningful typing with the onscreen keyboard.

Well, I picked up the Pencil and I’m not disappointed. I do wish that I could disable the zoom-select feature of Coda and also the little Pencil status pop up (drop down) on the iPad though.