Collaboration With Family - Looking For Housing

I have several family members and friends looking for houses. We are considering similar neighbourhoods. I thought that it would be a good idea if there can be some kind of online live document where we can all share our findings like areas, school, prices, houses…

This will have to be cross platform. First thoughts that came to my mind are AirTable, Google Docs, maybe Notion?

Any recommendations?

“AirTable, Google Docs, maybe Notion?” All feasible options. Depends what you actually need. Sounds like you could have a few different types of information there. If it was just a spreadsheet, I might nudge towards Google sheets to cater for a broad range of tech-savviness. Notion would probably be my preference though, personally. The way you can organise a workspace with different pages and views seems like it might be useful in your use case, plus comment threads wherever you want them…

I always wanted to like Airtable, and might have been more bullish about it if the mobile version had feature parity with the desktop web app. To be fair, Airtable’s not the only app with this issue, but it really did get in the way of me experimenting with it further (that may have changed, since my early experiences)— and if you have a group to work with and no authority to determine how they access your shared resource, the fun’s going to be in accounting for the various different ways of working your chosen platform might have to support!

Trello works on anything with a browser (or native on iOS)

Microsoft has OneNote which I think is free to use for everyone on all platforms though you might need a 365 account as ‘host’ for sharing (not sure on that).

OneNote would probably provide all you need for sharing and holding multiple different sorts of data

I’ve recently discovered that no software can replace visiting all of the open homes in a town. I thought website listings told me about a house. Turned out in my region they didn’t at all. Some places were way worse than the listings (no surprise) and some were so much better (big surprise). I was shocked to discover that all of my research turned out to be a waste of time when we turned up at one appointment to view a house and the house itself was better than any website had indicated it might be. It wouldn’t have even been on our radar except we had committed to being in that small town that day and checking out even the places that looked like they weren’t suitable.

Of course. However, I want to document findings so that other people see them.

I almost always start with google sheets because it’s the most flexible and can help you structure how you think about it. You can easily add columns for more information and to sort. You can also add free form notes and text without it being too structured.