Collaborative Calendar across organisations

I’m working with around 20 churches and charities. We’re trying to collate a calendar/database of events that take place each - where, what, when.

People are working across platforms, in different organisations, with different IT skills.

Is anyone aware of an (inexpensive!) tool (probably web based) to collate this information and make it publicly available? I don’t mind doing some manual work to update the content - the information won’t change that often, although if participants could do it themselves that would be great.

A calendar view would be great, but if all we get is a list, that would be fine.

Have you tried something like Notion or Airtable? That sounds like a good fit. If not, what’s wrong with just a Google shared calendar?


A second vote for Airtable.

When I’ve solicited input like this from multiple people, the most challenging thing was to get everyone to send me the data in the same format without leaving something out. I switched to using a form on Airtable, and it’s solved the problem.

You can set it up so anyone with a link to the form can add data. If you format it correctly, one of the built-in views of the resulting data is a calendar, which can be viewed directly in Airtable or embedded on a web page.

You’ll have to investigate if the calendar view gives you enough information for your purposes.

I expect you would be able to do this with a free account. People who simply submit information don’t need to be editors (which are limited to 5 in the free plan).