Collaborative mindmap?

I’m currently developing a grant proposal with some colleagues. In developing projects in teh past, I have found mindmapping as extraordinarily helpful. Mindnode is pretty great for this work, but they have no collaborative features (I see that they once had a mymindnode service, which is no longer supported). Anyone have any suggestions for particularly solid collaborative mindmapping services? Ideally something that can allow import from and export to mindnode (ala OPML)?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

At work we use Miro for collaborative mindmaps.

(I haven’t tried importing/exporting anything though)

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MindMeister perhaps:

The free version supports collaboration, but export is limited. To export to a format that MindNode supports, the “personal” subscription is needed. The export from MindMeister for import into MindNode would be in the FreeMind or MindManager formats.

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Google slides?

Edit: just saw your import/export requirement. So nvm.

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Thanks - I use Miro, and like it (for teaching purposes especially), but alas, no OPML import/export…so it would be starting from scratch. (Just read a long thread of people begging for them to implement this!)