"Comfort app"? Anyone else?

Maybe a strange question, but do you have a “comfort app”?

An app that you keep using even though you know there are better ones out already.

Being working from home for about 5 months now, I see myself using Spark mail, for exemple, just because I got used to It and I like the interface. I don’t use half the features, but it just feels right…

Am I too crazy?

It depends on how one defines “comfort” and “better”. Apple Mail would be a “comfort” app. It has fewer features than Spark (which I like) but is rock solid, easy to use, and has a clean interface. Is it better? That would depend on one’s value scale. I’ve increasingly come to value simplicity and stability over feature set. Apple Calendar falls into the same category. I tried the latest version of Fantastical. It is a great app but I discovered that Apple Calendar, though again far less feature rich, is “cleaner” and seldom presents problems. It is comfortable to use and “better” in that it “just works.”

Obviously, there are situations where feature rich apps are superior. For my use case such apps include Scrivener and OmniFocus. They are both feature rich and stable, though their GUIs are, relatively speaking, more complex than “simpler” apps like Ulysses, which I also like but kept running into iOS syncing problems with. I should readily say that Ulysses support worked hard to assist me and offer a special Beta to help identify the problems but I decided I don’t have time for Betas and solving tech issues. I just want things to work so I can get to work.

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I like the way you put things - I’ve been trying to stick to default apps: they are functional and “do their job”.

I’ve tried the new Fantastical, but I always end up thinking it is an overkill for me. Same with podcasts apps: I really like Pocketcasts, but, in the end, I keep coming back Apple Podcasts.

Things is another app I really like, specially the interface. But - as always - I keep using default Reminders. It integrates seamlessly with Siri, which helps a lot.

“I just want things to work so I can get to work”. My thoughts, exactly. Even though, sometimes, I miss a little bit of “complication”. =)

My job has enough complications of its own without my apps adding to them. :grinning:

Well, as a psychoanalyst in Brazil, I really can relate to that. :slight_smile:

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I find myself drifting back to the Apple stock apps after a few months of using a “new shiny”. Somehow I tend to fool myself into thinking the new app is THE solution, and most of the time it’s not really what I want, or is far too complicated for my needs. The standard Apple apps for Mail, Reminders, Notes and Calendar always seem to be just right, so I’d say they would be my comfort apps.

Same here.

The only thing I really miss from Things is the list view with future deadlines. I had to create a “Deadlines” list in Reminders to add those kind of tasks…