Compact travel power - outlets, USB, ...?

I travel with an Anker power bank that has 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port, with the USB-C port capable of PD for my M1 MacBook Air.

For the laptop:

  • Nekteck GaN USB-C PD wall wart
  • 6’ USB-C cable
  • 20,000 mAh Anker power bank with USB-C PD and 2 USB-A ports

The Nekteck will charge the Anker or the laptop, as both use the 6’ USB-C cable.

For other devices:

  • One magnetic charger for an Aftershokz headset
  • One 5" USB-C to USB-C (M/M) cable
  • One 6" Lightning cable
  • One 3’ Anker Powerline 3-in-1 cable (USB-A to Lightning/Micro/USB-C)
  • One little Apple Watch dongle (USB-A, about 2.5" long total)

I’m trying to get this as compact as possible for both air travel and general EDC. I’m also concerned about too many long cables getting bent around because they’re being shoved into a backpack.

I took this setup on a trip, and I discovered a few weaknesses. The main ones are:

  • There’s only one wall adapter in the mix, which means I need to use the power bank day-to-day.
  • The Apple Watch dongle only takes up 1 port, but it obstructs both USB-A ports on the power bank
  • The Anker can’t charge (USB-C) and discharge (USB-A) at the same time.

So if I try to charge my USB-A devices overnight, the power bank is low-power in the morning. Which is clearly non-optimal.

I think I’d like to:

  • Get wall power closer to my devices
  • Shorten cables as much as possible, to make room for the first consideration
  • Ultimately have 2 options for each device except the watch (i.e. 2 cables / adapters / etc. that can charge each, in case something goes wonky)

For getting wall power closer, I’m considering something like this:

For having multiple options for each device, I’m strongly considering a couple of 1’ USB-C to USB-C cables with various adapters, kind of like these:

Do y’all think I’m on the right track? Or am I over-thinking this? What solutions would you recommend / do you use?

I have traveled a little bit over the last decades, and from my side one of the most important tipps I always gave to new colleagues:

Take the longest cable with you, you can get!

It is always a problem, that the wall power outlets are not at the places we traveler expect, need or wish for.
If the cable is too short, you are fu** up, while a longer cable could easily be stowed.
I use small Velcro-Ties

to make sure, that all cable stay orderly and tidy in my Bags.
In Addtion, everything is stowed in an old Make-up bag, so I can remove it easily at the check-point, to get faster thru the check-point, without the guy at the scanner have to run the game of following every cord showing on the screen, to find the exit…

Also, if you carry a laptop anyway, you have plenty of possibilities you normally could use to charge your devices. I often keep my MBP connected on the table, and load everything (besides the PowerBank!) else via the MBP.
Keep it otherwise simple.
I use Travel Charger from this company for the different countries/power Systems.

And they have often an additional way to charge with USB directly.

The two devices you have linked from AMZ are both showing up as “Not available”. And at least the first one looks pretty massive. I wouldn’t want to put something like that in my bag.

If you miss something abroad, ask the front desk of your hotel, they normally have a big box with all the left-overs from previous travelers you can borrow.

BTW, if you travel on an Airplane be sure to read all requirements of your Airline regarding PED and Batteries, or get in contact with them in advance. In most cases you are only allowed to carry things with an Battery within your Handluggage, or even direct at your body (to be the first who recognize an runaway Battery :fire: :fireworks: :wink: )

I use something like this as my go pack (Mine’s made by BUBM, but it looks like this with 2 sides)

I take 4 Lightning, a couple of USB C, a Couple of Micro USB and an Apple Watch charger.

For power, I have a 6 port Anker USB A charger and a Minix power brick with 2 USB C and 1 USB A. this means that I only ever need a maximum of 1 power adapter if travelling abroad (The minix already has interchangeable plugs) and can charge up to 9 devices (I have a minimum of 5 things to charge and my wife has at least 2)

I’m with Ulli, minimum of 3 foot long cables. iPad is 6 foot.

Is Minix a solid brand?

I had the weird idea that instead of loading up tons of long specialized cables, I could use short cables and some form of power extension from the outlet. Maybe that’s not a great idea. :slight_smile:

On my last two trips before covid I had to share a single outlet at night with up to five other people. So +1 for @Ulli and @geoffaire suggestion of long cables.

They won’t get bent if you wrap them around something. I use a rolled up sock and secured them with a sliver of gaffer tape. I always carry a yard or two of that wrapped around an empty pill bottle.

I have two Minix P1 chargers. I would have no hesitation buying more of their gear.

I have the Skross adapter in my suitcase by default. Own several of them.

I decided to have less stuff with me:

  • Apple USB-C charger for my MBP (MagSafe in the past)
  • Anker 4 port charger with USB-C, Apple Watch, Lighting cables
  • Travel adapter (Skross)

That’s it. Especially no power bank. I travel a lot and it always worked out. The very rare times the outlet was impossible to reach in a hotel, a tip worked miracles, and they got me an extender for the duration of my stay. Maybe I also have no “digital FOMO”, so I don’t fear the 1-5 times a year my iPad/iPhone runs out of juice for 1-2 hours.


Funny I have that exact same on you linked down to the exact gray color :smiley: I’ve found it useful so far though I have to trim down the amount of cables I put in it and some of the square international adapters can be bulky when squeezed in.

The Minix seems good. I bought it on the recommendation of CGPGrey.

YMMV on short cables, but in my experience, sockets aren’t always on or just above a surface, so devices are hanging from cables which can stress the cable or charger.

With a 6 way charger, if cables are too short, devices get in each other’s way and get cluttered.

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