Compatibility Sonoma?

I have searched Google and this page. . Do not see this topic. . .I will assume that Sonoma will be compatible with the major MS and Apple applications. Any issues with Finale, HyperResearch, DevonThink, FileMaker. . ?

They should be, but you never know. If any of the apps you list are crucial to you, you should visit their webpages or contact their customer support to ask them before upgrading.


Well, the current version of a given app will probably be updated for Sonoma. But that may or may not require that you pay an upgrade fee of some sort.

The until-just-now version of Bartender, for example, doesn’t work properly with Sonoma. There’s a new version, but there’s an upgrade fee.

As noted above, check your apps - and be prepared for the possibility that it might cost you some amount.

ETA: Add Default Folder X to the list of apps where paid updates are apparently required. Just got the email.

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DEVONthink has an issue with a bug that has been introduced with Sonoma. DT should be releasing an update with a workaround soon. Devonthink in Sonoma - some quirks with View menu - Feedback - DEVONtechnologies Community

Bartender 4 works with Sonoma for me, but Apple introduced a ‘feature’ where it display an icon in the menubar when an application is recording your screen, Bartender is an app that apparently does this. Bartender 5 has a workaround for this.

I have not had other major issues with other major apps like te MS office apps, Apple productivity apps or development tools I use.

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I was using BBedit 13 which doesn’t even launch in Sonoma. I’ve had no problems with Bartender 4, although apparently if I allow it to upgrade to the latest (and probably last) 4.x release it has a nag screen saying one needs to upgrade to Bartender 5.

My Parallels Desktop 17 and VirtualBox 7, which I expected would be problematic, continue to work.