Completing Initial Arq to B2 Backup, unlock Mac for it to continue running?

Hi, I’ve been an Arq to B2 user for a while. Living away from my parents finally so I don’t have to worry as much about how much I upload to B2. I have a couple of days left until the start of the new month and I’d like to run the backup upload for a large majority of the day. I’m running Arq version 5 (waiting to upgrade to version 6). It seems that when my Mac is locked that it doesn’t back up in the background. I disabled the login password for now via the attached image. Did I do this right? Anything else I need to do?

In Preferences | Advanced, do you have Prevent computer sleep during backup turned on?
Can’t think of anything else.

Fantastic, I have that enabled. Just remembered I have an app called Caffeine that disables my Mac from sleeping.I also went into the Energy Saver preferences and have my slider to never go to sleep.