Computer Troubles Oddity

My partner and I both have 16 MBPs and today both our computers have been acting sssuuuuuppppeeeeerrrr slow and both of our keyboards have had problems (persisting across reboots). Anyone ever heard of anything like this?


Us two at home, too! It’s a global issue! I am speechless.

This is a known issue. On another thread, this was posted:

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Fascinating!! Thanks to all for the quick and good info.

This was posted on twitter.

Don’t know if it’s a good idea

I for one am not going to run terminal commands from a post on Twitter. :slight_smile:

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Things seem to be picking back up. Both mine and my wife’s computer are working fine now.

PS: who else did a bunch of maintenance tasks and uninstalled recent apps in a rancorous panic…?


Ah, thanks for the OCSP note. I noticed that Safari wouldn’t connect to a thing. Then I rebooted, which took 30 minutes to complete. And all the while Activity Monitor showed I was only using 3% of CPU :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. All’s well now.


I almost pulled my hair out. I was about to go into a Zoom meeting with my two most senior leaders when this went down. I was jumping back and forth between two computers and seeing the same bizarre behaviors on both, conspiring to try to get me fired. I thought maybe my Apple ID had been hacked.

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I can only imagine the engineer that tried to figure out what the problem was. Honestly seems like a bad idea that everybody would be affected by that kind of outage.

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Those particular terminal commands are pretty harmless, though they may cause issues if you forget to undo them.

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Well, since I’ve never used the terminal I’m probably not a good candidate for starting now. :grinning:


Y’all seem to be quite mild about this F-Up by Apple. What if this was MS or any of the other ‘evil’ companies?

I for one was pretty upset to notice what was the cause of the troubles my Mac had yesterday. Not to speak about the time I spent trying to fix this.

Because it’s the first time this has occurred in the 4 years I switched to Mac, while this was monthly and sometimes weekly occurrences on Windows.

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I saved the all caps exclamations for my work chat about it. :wink:


Anyone who has worked in technology understands the Apple team looks really stupid in hindsight, but it’s best not to point fingers because the next time it could be your team.

Besides, there are far worse problems in the world to be angry about.