Conditional Logic Forms?

hey MPU,

I have a new project idea in my head, but just need some direction on how to proceed. I got the idea from It’s an assessment for couples to take and then assesses compatibilities, contexts, etc. and then it spits out all the information in this report. Here is a sample of the report they provide for couples. Each person takes their own individual assessment, they mention who their partner and send them a unique link (after one person has taken it), and then it compares them both.

The idea I have is similar in the sense that I want to give people a form, that will assess areas of their life, knowledge, etc. and then provide both myself and the person, a report that is formatted appropriately, that can be reviewed and discussed. The context I am using it will be for individual based, not couple based. It only needs to provide results per category.

Example: If you were to create 100 questions about Mac Power Users with a variety of categories, the report would say something like “Joe Bob has a 90% understanding of software mentioned within Mac Power Users, and could be considered a great lead in software”, however “Joe Bob has a 10% understand of hardware, so I would caution against having him take lead in a hardware project”

Is it something that can be done? Or does this need a higher level of coding?


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There was a few decades ago a Web site/engine where you could design equivalent “guiding” surveys. I recall creating one with the lead-in question … “Am I a scientist or an engineer”?

By my limited experience above and elsewhere, and with some reading between the lines on where you want to take this, I believe your best approach is to find a professional to help you design a survey. Yes, the costs are higher. The return is a greater confidence that your survey has been designed without such things as affirmation biases or ambiguities.



This reminds me that years ago, as a teacher, I created an excel spreadsheet to do reports.
Basically, I had collected a lot of numerical data about my students and I was able to write the formatting so that, for example, it would spit out Bob has shown great progress with his graph drawing skills, however, his ability to create tables is more limited.
It all just use nested IF statements.
In the end, I didn’t use it because the reports were not very interesting for a parent to read about their child. They contained great information which was much more densely packed than you’d normally get, it just didn’t seem caring.

I don’t know if that helps you, I just felt like sharing.

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Edit: Qualtrics will do some of this. I don’t know if it’ll do all of it.

I think Typeform does this