Configurable quick universal search via keyboard on iPad

I thought I would share what has become a frequently used search method on my iPad. This mimics some basic Alfred-like Mac capability using Siri type to talk.

Steps for use:

  • Activate Siri with the Globe-S shortcut on magic keyboard
  • Type “Search” (you can shorten the Shortcuts name ( eg, “s” ) to make it easier to launch. I left it as Search for this example to be unambiguous)
  • Press tab
  • Type search term
  • Press enter
  • Choose search destination

My iPad Siri settings (Settings > Accessibility > Siri):

  • Type to Siri - ON
  • Voice Feedback - Only with Hey Siri

There are 2 dependencies for setup:

  • Add the shortcut that Siri will use when you type “Search”

  • Setup the configurable single step Drafts action with the sites to search. You will likely want to edit the Drafts action to include the search locations of interest to you.

I hope this is useful for somebody else. Glad to answer questions — jay

Here’s my current list of sites or apps that are included in my search. You can edit this list and create your own within the Drafts action.

  • 1Password - local 1Password vault
  • Abbreviation
  • Airport
  • Amazon
  • Beer Advocate
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Google
  • Google Maps
  • IMDb
  • Maps
  • MetaCritic
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • Terminology - local Terminology app search
  • Urban Dictionary
  • Wikipedia
  • WolframAlpha - local Wolfram Alpha app search
  • YouTube