Confusing pricing options

I see this all the time and I find it so confusing. My guess is that it has to do with an app being around for a long time and over time have offered upgrades.

This is the screenshot on the Mac App Store for 1Blocker. I have not tried to actually buy a yearly premium but as you can see, there are multiple options. My guess is that if I try to by the Premium 1 year for $4.99 it will know that I am a recent buyer and will only let me get the $14.99 option.


I have noticed that on iOS as well. I think it’s as you said, the various plans in the history of the app. Except on iOS it doesn’t give you an option, it just does it for whatever the current plan is.

I don’t spend too much time over analyzing- I just pick one.

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Yeah, I don’t get this either. It looks like prior pricings are never removed and new pricings are just added to the list. Very customer-unfriendly.

Ahh, somehow I missed that. Thanks. That helps (although the Mac store should do the same).

I email the developers/ company and ask them to spell out the pricing. It is rather infuriating.

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I bet you can switch to the $5/year option. I’d test but I’m already on it.

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I always pick the cheapest option and it always works.


I like the way your mind works!