Congrats Dr. @JohnATL! 🦾


Join me in congratulating one of our most beloved community members, Dr. @JohnATL, who successfully passed his dissertation defense today!

He did a wonderful job explaining super complex history, theory, neuroscience, and the results of his research experiments and aims in “The Neurobehavioral Effects of Sensorimotor Dissonance During Observation and Execution with Upper-Extremity Prostheses.”

The audience was full of folks who know a LOT about those things and folks (like me) who know nothing about them, and he managed to keep us all engaged and feeling smarter for having done so.

Congrats, Dr. J!


Congratulations! A Ph.D. is an amazing achievement.


Congratulations Dr. Alt!

Nicely done, John! :mechanical_arm:

Congratulations :tada:
Amazing news and great work.

Congratulations Dr. @JohnAtl! A significant achievement and milestone!

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Congratulations! :tada:

When will your dissertation be available online?

YES!!!@JohnAtl! Since getting acquainted with you through your posts and comments here on MPU, I never had a doubt. Congratulations, Dr.

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Congratulations! :boom::tada: @JohnAtl

Congratulations, Dr. @JohnAtl! :bouquet:

Congrats to you, @JohnAtl!

Congratulations also from my side!

Well done. Congratulations!

Fantastic! :tada:


Such wonderful news. Congratulations, @JohnAtl!!

Congratulations Dr John, I am so proud to be in a community with so many high calibre people with such great achievement. I have learned a lot from you guys (everyone)


Congrats @JohnAtl - that is a huge achievement!

Congratulations @JohnAtl! A dissertation defense is a big achievement. Let us know after you have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s to satisfy the dissertation submission requirements. We’d be curious also where you go next after what is certain to be a well-deserved vacation.



Congrats! :partying_face::partying_face:

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Way to go! I remember doing mine 30+ years ago, and it was trying! Congratulations!