Congrats on launching the podcast "Automators", Rose & David πŸŽ‰

Insta-subscribed :smiley:


I shall be adding this to my podcast queue immediately!

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Thanks. We’d been planning the show for awhile and when Apple announced Siri Shortcuts, it just made the show more relevant than ever.


Added and looking forward to hearing it!

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Really looking forward to this. Thanks for all the hard work.

Subscribed (Discourse, YouTube and podcast), listened, watched and read! Looking forward to this.

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Here we go :tada:

Congrats @MacSparky & @RosemaryOrchard :vulcan_salute:t3:



Interesting, i subscribed in Overcast immediately. Thanks.

If anyone is a fan of floating heads, we did a Memoji version of episode 0 too!


Yes, I’ve seen it. Nice, are you going to do that in the regular show also? :wink:

No, that was a one off - every episode would be hard to do!

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Wow. That will be fun :blush:. Can’t wait for Friday.

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I’ve added it to my podcasts! Would love tips on how to add the show notes to Evernote. I have it set up for MPU but can’t remember how it go there.


Probably with IFTTT! Start with β€œFeed”, and go from there. We have a special RSS feed for the blog posts which will accompany feeds though, you can find it on These will be in detail with downloads :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the launch!

Starting my subscription process!


Congratulations on launching the new show :clap:
It’s playing on the ο£Ώtv connected speakers as I’m typing this :smiley:

Look forward to losing even more time in the company of @MacSparky and now also @RosemaryOrchard :smile:

That’s great news, @RosemaryOrchard and @MacSparky. I’m sure it will be fabulous!

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Ah nice, another (probably) great podcast :slight_smile:

On the topic of show topics:
When is apple going to port siri shortcuts to the mac?
They’ve already integrated the placeholder for it in finder (the quick actions slot)
Nice fit for a shortcut workflow tile wouldn’t you think?

Looking forward to this. I don’t download as many PDFs (statements, etc.) as I should because of the headache of moving them around. I need to bite the bullet, check out Hazel, and get some automation built out.

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Congrats on the launch and for creating a Discourse forum too.

Talking about Discourse, I have a Google API error message whenever trying to create a user
account using Google.

Here’s an animated GIF: image

Not entirely sure it’s the best place to post this, but without being able to create an account on the Automators discourse forum, I can’t post it there.

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