Congratulations Rosemary

You know you’ve “arrived” as a Mac celebrity when you spend 2 hours with John Gruber as an invited guest on The Talk Show. Congratulations, @RosemaryOrchard! Well done!


Congratulations, Yes! but a bit late to the party isn’t he?


And in true Gruber fashion, he seemed to go for about 30 minutes on a Markdown rant before asking his new guest questions about her own work, lol


The Talk Show is where guests are brought on for John to bounce his own thoughts off of them…… and for reason is really intriguing.

Ugh, classic Gruber.

Great exposure for Rosemary though!

@RosemaryOrchard - could you share a link to your new book?

I’m intrigued!

(And, great interview - very interesting)

This thread is worthless without links. Just sayin…… :shushing_face:

You want the links to the soccer stuff too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well of course! Don’t disrespect Rosemary!