Connect to AirPods shortcut?

Is there a shortcut listed anywhere that I can import (or do myself) for easy AirPod switching.

I saw the idea on the blog post from @MacSparky when Ally Rilling shared her home screen. I saw it on her shortcut listed. It would be great to be able to switch back and forth from iPhone to iPad

It’s actually easy. It’s just an AirPlay Action.


apologies if not reading question correctly, but I have a shortcut on my iPhone and iPad where i just click on the short cut and it pairs that device to my AirPods. I regularly go back and forth between calls or videos for the two devices. With the shortcut I can easily re-pair the AirPods between the two devices. Sorry I don’t have the skill to copy the short cut here. Looks like it uses an AirPlay action and “Set playback destination to [my AirPodsPro].

You can do something similar on the Mac, too, via an AppleScript and Automator:

I have this shortcut on my desktop with the MacStories AirPod icon and it looks great!

Thank you!! Didn’t realize how easy this was!
I thought it would be more complicated.

Love this. Thank you

MacStories icons are GREAT!

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Please share with us what your shortcuts do!

I switched to a black background just because my icons looked better!