Considering a RAV Power 26800 battery pack - anybody have experience?

I’m looking at this guy:

for a “throw it in the bag, don’t have to worry about having a wall charger for a few days” sort of use.

The mAh on the pack looks like what I need - anybody have any experience with this particular charger, or this brand in general? Are they up there with Anker and the generally-considered-reliable stuff in your opinion?

If you can find an Anker product that looks the same, it’sa good bet they’re made by the same factory in China. (If that has any bearing on your decision.)

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I got one of the RavPower packs with an AC outlet (so not quite the same one as you’re looking at), it seemed ok at first although the battery didn’t last as long as expected and then the ac outlet bit packed up shortly after that. Even when it was working it wasn’t very confidence inspiring.

I replaced it with the Anker Powercode+ 26,800 which seems very similar to the device you’ve linked to. So far been really happy with the Anker, works / does exactly what I wanted / anticipated it would.

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