Considering switch from iphone to android

Thanks, that’s what I just opted for. I have apple care. Just downloaded google assistant

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How do Android folks communicate with iOS folks? Is it through WhatsApp? I meant this question to understand how a popular iOS market like USA have two different messaging utilities. For instance, WhatsApp is very popular in Malaysia and no one uses iMessage, even among iPhones owners.

When I was living in S Africa a few years so ago, I’d say 95% of messaging was in Whatsapp. But iPhone also supports carrier SMS everywhere it’s available as far as I know. Just cheaper to use Whatsapp given extortionate SA pay as you go charges. In the USA I just send and Messages sorts out whether to send via iMessage or SMS.

I suppose one reason for wanting to switch is that gesture typing was never quite as good on iOS as it was on my Galaxy S4 years ago. The other is integration with google assistant. My reason for hesitation was texting issues with android, and loss of seamless apple device integration.

I’m not using most of the categories of applications that you mention. But AquaMail is a very solid and more than decent looking mail client on Android.

I actually think that the population of users that installs a $60 or $120 drawing app on their iPhone is quite small. If you’re into that kinda thing, then maybe you want an iPhone.

Noooooooooooooo don’t do it.

Why not?

[Satisfied Android user for many years]

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Android has always interested me. Do you carry both iPhone and android phone ?

No, just an Android (Samsung Galaxy S10). Never had an iPhone. But do have an iPad for a long time, so I know what I can do with iOS and, more important, what not. :wink:

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Go with your heart. No need to be a fan boy to a brand :ok_hand:. You’re paying $ for it so might as well be happy :smiley:

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