Contacts Groups

thank you. And yes, while not instant, they have synched. I am a Ulysses user as well…also thanks to this MPU group…the synch there has also been less instant over last month or two…pre-dating Big Sur for sure though can’t recall if perhaps it has been since iOS 14. Like you said, synch does ultimately occur…and sometimes I force it…but historically I don’t recall needing to do that (for Ulysses).

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Not necessary. You can make groups on os. For iOS you need to use Cardhop

I forgot about Pre-defined Smart Groups in Cardhop. Has anybody tried

`Syncing smart groups from Cardhop for Mac

Cardhop for Mac allows you to create smart groups that auto-populate the group based on specific parameters. At present, Cardhop of iOS does not allow you to create new smart groups. However any existing smart groups you’ve created on Cardhop for Mac will sync to Cardhop for iOS automatically, providing both devices are signed into the same iCloud account. `

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Yep. Works exactly as described. Set up on Mac. Use on Mac and iOS. They sync automatically.